Babies’ First Beach Trip


Ah, the beach. Almost everyone’s idea of the epitome of relaxation. Well, as a new mom relaxation just isn’t in my vocabulary. I’m about as tense as they come. So when it came time for our first vacation and Ellie’s first beach trip all I wanted was to let myself relax a little bit!

As with every other activity as a mommy you’ll need to prepare well in advance for this excursion! Here are the things I brought that made my baby girl’s first beach trip amazing.

  1. Shade and sunscreen! That fragile precious little baby skin needs protection in excess at the beach. We just set up a little umbrella and made sure to pack our babyganics sunscreen. (It is my favorite pick for her very sensitive eczema-ridden skin.)
  2. Swim diaper, swimsuit, and hat. (Again, extra sun protection!) And make sure it’s the cutest one you have!
  3. Ziploc bags. Absolute lifesaver, I use these for everything! You don’t want babies’ wet swim suit/swim diaper rolling around in the diaper bag, or their towel coating everything in a layer of sand. So keep a couple ziplocs handy and thank me later!
  4. Toys, toys, toys! This little inflatable baby seat was incredible for keeping her busy and out of the sand so I could lay down next to her and relax for a few minutes. 

And don’t forget your camera to get lots of gorgeous baby beach shots! Have fun mommas!

How to care for baby eczema

Your beautifully soft little bundle is all of a sudden covered in bumpy, red blotches. What happened? You might be surprised to find out that 1 in 5 babies suffers from eczema. Luckily, I have had skin sensitivities since the day I was born. So I was able to identify it as soon as I saw eczema start to spread across my daughter’s belly. If you’re unsure whether your baby has eczema or something else, ask your doctor at the next well-baby check up. But a few tell tale signs are: dry, thickened, scaly skin, or tiny red bumps that ooze and may possibly become infected if scratched.

So here is a look at my little one’s skin care routine that I have successfully kept her eczema at bay with.

This shampoo and body wash from Target is a lifesaver. I tried three others before deciding to spend the money and get something better. Let me tell you, this one is worth the price tag. It does cost much more than the other baby bath soaps on the market, but it is also much more effective. We’ve also had it for a couple months now and aren’t even half way through the bottle. It is also extremely important that you don’t bathe babies with eczema every day. I bathe Ellie every other night to avoid drying her skin out too much.


It is also very important to immediately lock moisture into babies skin after. This will take a lot of trial and error on the part of a mommy to a baby with skin sensitivities. You’ll have to find out for yourself which lotion will be okay with your babe’s skin. A few basic guidelines to follow include making sure whatever you choose is as natural as possible, as few chemicals as possible, and fragrance free. What works amazing on Ellie’s skin is also an item I bought from Target. (It also was the only thing that helped clear her cradle cap!)

The last thing you need to worry about is the clothes your baby wears. You want to make sure if your baby ever spits up or spills on their clothes that you change them immediately. Any wet clothing against their skin can cause a breakout. You also want to make sure that all new clothes are washed before wearing. The detergent I use is dreft. These dreft scent boosters are also amazing for a scent boost you can use on sensitive baby skin!


I hope these tips can help your little one’s skin just like they’ve helped mine!