How To: Take & Edit Bright, White Photos

Flatlays and white backdrop photos are one of the biggest trends on instagram right now. When posted regularity they create a great, bright aesthetic to your page that draws people in.

I’m too big on outdoor shots to stick exclusively to an exclusively indoor, white aesthetic. However, I still love the way the look as an addition to my page anytime!

I’m going to share my tips on one of my latest photo projects to help you achieve that look for yourself!

Items needed-

If you’ll be photographing a newborn, or flat laying products I’d recommend buying a photo backdrop online. Here’s an example of one from amazon.

If you’re into family lifestyle shots or have older kids, shooting still in front of a small backdrop won’t be best. We got a great fluffy white comforter that has been great for these types of photos.

I love to use my Nikon for these photos to ensure I get crisp photos. If you’re using an iPhone, turn up the sharpness when editing.

Run into Hobby Lobby or Michaels if you need some easy photo props to add. I love to buy the wreaths or anything floral whenever it’s on sale so that I always have some cute things on hand to throw into a photo!

Photo technique-

Make sure you are directly centered above or in front of your subject.

If shooting a sleeping newborn/child add all props quietly around them once they are asleep. If the child is awake, have your area ready and be prepared to take your photos quickly so as not to irritate them.

You’ll also want to (attempt to) remove unwanted distractions like lumpy blankets or binkies.


The quickest, easiest tip to instantly improve your photos without an app is to make a few adjustments in your photos app.

First, adjust orientation and cropping so photo is straight, and centered.

Second, turn up the shadows! Instantly lifts your photos brightness without washing out the subjects.

If you need any blemishes removed or lumps/wrinkles blurred out, I would recommend editing with the (free) Airbrush app.

These type of photos don’t need any heavy filters, that will just distract from the white aesthetic you’re trying to create.

Instead focus on adding clarity with sharpness, brightness with shadows, and saturation if more color is needed.


I hope that this will help you all to create some great photos!

Nursery Organization Tips

Around my seventh month of pregnancy it happened. I just woke up that day and all I wanted to do was nest. I needed to get the house ready and perfect now! Organizing Ellie’s room was by far the most fun thing I did while pregnant. Here are some of my favorite things about her nursey and how I decided to organize it.



Organizing her clothes took so much longer than I could have imagined, she has so many! I love these closet separators that you can erase and rewrite depending on what sizes you need.


I hung these divided boxes on the wall directly next to her changing table. It gives me a cute way to store things like diaper rash cream, and baby lotions/oils without cluttering her changing table.


This changing table from Babies R Us is phenomenal. I love the way it fits snug into the corner of the room, being able to change her straight on, and how much storage it has for diapers and wipes.


I used these $10 shelves from Home Depot to make a little library corner of the room.


And finally make sure you have plenty of adorable storage boxes for when baby arrives. I put this one to good use by filling it to the brim with cute baby headbands!