Bio-Oil Review

I just want to start this post by stating- this is not a sponsored post!

I love working with brands I love but I also love reviewing things that I am not affiliated with so you always know the opinions expressed are 100% real!

This before and after picture I will share will really speak for itself; but here is the bottom line- Bio-Oil is AMAZING.

With my first pregnancy I relied only on a stretch mark massage lotion, with the second pregnancy only on Bio-Oil.

I couldn’t believe that it was possible, but I had far less visible stretch marks after my second pregnancy than my first!

So not only did the oil keep me from getting more marks during the pregnancy, but it visibly lessened the look of the ones I had from the first time around!

Post Baby Number 1

Post Baby Number 2

*Both photos unedited and taken at 1 week postpartum.

I recommend this product to any mamas-to-be as the best way to combat stretch marks!

Gender Reveal Party!

Baby number two is a girl! We are so excited to have another beautiful little girl and give Ellie a sister. 💕

We chose to do a silly string reveal, after we chose smoke bombs that didn’t arrive in time for the party. 😐 I did pastel pink and blue nails with ombré glitter for the party. Gender Reveal Party NailsWe used streamers to create a little photo booth wall complete with a Polaroid camera, and pink and blue props. The dessert table included baby cake pops, mustache and lip candy molds, colored dipped golden Oreos, and Hersey’s bars I decorated and wrapped with mustaches and pink glitter.I wore a gorgeous PinkBlush maternity dress.

Pink Blush Clothing Review

I’ve waited in reviewing this brand until I had tried out and added a few different pieces of theirs to my wardrobe. After every item from them I wore, I just wanted more! I got a few pieces before I was pregnant, when nursing, and into my second pregnancy.

My absolute favorite thing about this brand is that almost all its pieces can be worn during any stage. Whether it’s pre or post or during pregnancy, or while breastfeeding. I HATE spending money on expensive maternity clothing that I will never wear again after pregnancy. But with this brand it was never a concern, I know I’ll rock these at any time. Not to mention the material is absolutely amazing, very soft and stretchy!

I would recommend PinkBlush as one of my favorite maternity and regular fashion lines of all time!

This dress turned out absolutely stunning in our family photoshoot.

This dress is one of my favorite comfy, casual , any-day wear dresses.

This kimono goes with all kinds of different outfits and always gets complimented when I’m out!

More PinkBlush for our second pregnancy reveal! This dress is so comfortable (and has pockets!)

Here it is, my all time favorite dress. Doesn’t get any cuter, or more comfortable for wear during uncomfortable times in pregnancy. It’s just so gorgeous on, and so soft, I just want to live in it!

Another favorite maternity dress of mine, but I’m sure will still be worn when I’m not pregnant anymore. This dress makes me feel good about myself on days when my belly is trying to sabotage that! 😂<<
st but not least, my last PinkBlush order was this super pretty one for my gender reveal party. As with every other item, I would wear this every single day and will wear it after pregnancy as well.

Family Photoshoot Fashion

As you know, my baby just turned one! 😭 I’m working on keeping it together, guys!

 I was so ecstatic to take our family photos with our big one year old though! If you check one blog post back you can see all of the pictures! 

Naturally, I was beyond excited to receive a gorgeous dress from Pink Blush for the shoot. If you haven’t heard of Pink Blush by now, they are an absolutely stunning maternity and women’s clothing line. They sell some of the most gorgeous floral maxi dresses I’ve ever seen. 

The reason they’ve got the maternity fashion game on lock is because they look amazing on you, pregnant or not. I have a great dress from their women’s line I love, but the dress I wore for our family pictures was actually a maternity style! It’s nice to know that I have beautiful dresses that will still fit me when I am pregnant again. Not to mention, as a breastfeeding mama the most important question is answered- can I pull my boob out in this? They have so many soft gorgeous options that are nursing friendly, I can’t even believe it! 

You can find the dress I wore for the shoot here

*I received this dress as part of the PinkBlush Ambassador program. All opinions are my own.

Maternity Photoshoot

We traveled north of Scottsdale to Flagstaff for our maternity photoshoot. It ended up being a great decision to get out of town and change the scenery to get these gorgeous shots! Here are some tips that we used to get our best maternity shots.

I kept my outfits very simple, highlighting my pregnancy glow and big ol’ bump. I chose one pretty lace dress, and one cute oversized sweater over a tank top and leggings.

Bring props! Great props are stuffed animals, little clothes, shoes, or hats, anything with their name on it, or ultrasound pictures.

Whip that belly out! Regardless of what it may feel like at the time, you actually will not be pregnant forever. You’ll love looking back at how cute/giant/funny your belly looked!

Lastly, time it right. I did mine at 34 weeks which turned out to be perfect. You want your belly to be perfectly big and round, but not quite as big and round as it is in those brutal last few weeks of pregnancy.

I hope these tips will help your maternity photos become ones you’ll treasure forever like I do with mine!

Do you really need a birth plan?


If you’re pregnant odds are you’ve gotten the question, ‘What’s your birth plan?’ Sometimes when you aren’t even past your first trimester!

I personally always planned on making a birth plan! As a woman who often finds my anxieties worsened by uncertainty, the idea of a birth plan sounded wonderful. I can plan out exactly how I want my birth experience to be? Of course let’s do that! One problem. The only person who has a say in how your birth story comes to be is the little one you’re carrying. You can’t plan out a completely unpredictable experience.

Pregnancy is your first lesson in motherhood as it teaches you to give up your body to someone else, and teaches you to be patient. And your labor will teach you that- HEY! You aren’t in charge anymore.

As I came to my 37th week of pregnancy I thought I could go into labor at any second!
But then came week 38, 39, 40, and 41.
Still no baby.
My personal first lesson in patience with my body and my baby. I had to be induced 8 days after my due date. This was definitely not what I had planned for! I’m not alone in this, almost any woman you ever talk to will tell you that their labor did not go the way they had planned. Whether it comes by induction like me, unplanned cescarian, health complications, or preterm labor; there are a million ways labor can go that you can’t prepare for! So what can you do?


Let’s get down to what you do need to prepare. I asked my doctor what parts of a birthing plan were necessary, and she named these as the things you should decide in advance. And as much as you can, keep an open mind to labor being whatever it will be. Being flexible will make for an all around more comfortable and calm labor experience. So here is the list of things you DO need to decide:
Who you’d like in the room with you
And make sure that all parties know in advance where they will be in order to avoid any drama or hurt feelings later on.

Your preferred pain relieving methods
This is a very big one. It will decide how you manage your pain during the most difficult time of your life. The key word here is preferred, so decide how you would like to receive relief, whether that be through a TENS device, medication, epidural, or birthing/breathing techniques. But remember, there is absolutely no shame in deciding you need more pain relieving tactics when you are actually in labor.

After delivery procedures
Would you like immediate skin-to-skin contact? Cord blood banking? Vitamin K ointment in the eyes? Delayed cord clamping? Vaccinated? Circumcision (if applicable)? These are just a few common after birth questions you may want to be more picky about.

Overall the best thing you can do during labor is to remain calm. Easier said than done. But try not to let the things you can’t control control you. You may not be able to control the way your labor occurs or by what means your baby is brought into the world. Trying to stick to rigid plans will do nothing but make your experience more tense. So do what you can do and focus on your own emotions. Decide to let your labor environment be one filled with love, calmness, and excitement!