Babies’ First Beach Trip


Ah, the beach. Almost everyone’s idea of the epitome of relaxation. Well, as a new mom relaxation just isn’t in my vocabulary. I’m about as tense as they come. So when it came time for our first vacation and Ellie’s first beach trip all I wanted was to let myself relax a little bit!

As with every other activity as a mommy you’ll need to prepare well in advance for this excursion! Here are the things I brought that made my baby girl’s first beach trip amazing.

  1. Shade and sunscreen! That fragile precious little baby skin needs protection in excess at the beach. We just set up a little umbrella and made sure to pack our babyganics sunscreen. (It is my favorite pick for her very sensitive eczema-ridden skin.)
  2. Swim diaper, swimsuit, and hat. (Again, extra sun protection!) And make sure it’s the cutest one you have!
  3. Ziploc bags. Absolute lifesaver, I use these for everything! You don’t want babies’ wet swim suit/swim diaper rolling around in the diaper bag, or their towel coating everything in a layer of sand. So keep a couple ziplocs handy and thank me later!
  4. Toys, toys, toys! This little inflatable baby seat was incredible for keeping her busy and out of the sand so I could lay down next to her and relax for a few minutes. 

And don’t forget your camera to get lots of gorgeous baby beach shots! Have fun mommas!

The Stay-At-Home Mom’s Guide To Productivity

We’ve all had those days as moms. You know the days. The ones where you worked your butt off nonstop ALL. DAY. Yet somehow, the house is still a disaster, and nothing seems to have gotten done.

When you have your first child every piece of you, and your life, shifts. You have this incredibly precious life to care for and cater to every second of the day. But when it’s been a couple months and the smoke clears, you may begin to realize how little attention you’ve been giving to everything else in your life.

Of course the stigma that being a stay-at-home mom is easy still exists. But we know better! Stay-at-home moms never get to leave work. For this reason we can easily begin to feel lost, floating through each day with no clear goals or accomplishments to be reached. This in itself can be a big contributor to postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety.

So what can we do? Here is the one change I have made in my life that had made the world of difference in my attitude and general outlook on life as a SAHM.

Make Daily Lists


It is so simple but can make all the difference in the world. Well why has this one thing changed my life so much?

  • Having a visual representation of the things I would like to do each day gives me a clear path and direction for my day. It helps me to feel more clear-headed with less anxiety.
  • Having a list to refer to at the end of each day as a list of accomplishments, however small they may be, makes me feel generally more productive.
  • Knowing that I have my goals written down makes me try harder to get every single thing I wanted get accomplished in that day be at least attempted, if not finished.


And always make sure you remember, if your day is not going as planned, it’s okay. If your baby is sick or teething your whole day may be thrown out the window. Our babies always come first, we just have to figure out where the rest of our responsibilities fit into that equation.

Any new moms out there struggling to find their way in the stay-at-home mom world do not be discouraged. Give this tip a try and I hope that with it you can find happiness in knowing you are an accomplished, productive mommy every single day!